Shadow 5.0 / Mogu’shan Vaults and Heart of Fear Best in Slot List – Updated November 6, 2012

[size=20][b]For the 5.1 Best In Slot List please click here[/b][/size] With the release of Heart of Fear tomorrow, the second of three raids will be available for T14 content, more gear will be available for the shadowy masses to use.. Because of this, the main Best in Slot list (or the pre-raid list I’ve posted […]

Shadow 5.0 / Mogu’shan Vaults Best in Slot List – Updated September 13, 2012

[size=20][b]For the 5.1 Best In Slot List please click here[/b][/size] With the release of Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard is staggering the unlocking of different raids. Normal mode Mogu’shan Vaults will open on October 2nd (with LFR and Heroic unlocking on October 9th), while there will be no access to the Normal modes of Terrace of […]

Analysis of Talent Choices, DPS, and Stat Weights (MoP Beta Build 16004)

Usual disclaimer: the following information is as of the Mist of Pandaria Beta build 16004, released on August 17, 2012, and may not be accurate once future patches are released. For a primer on this post, please see the original post from July 30, 2012. To see the previous set of changes, please see this […]

Quick Thoughts – MoP Beta Patch 15662

Two patches? In three days? Blizzard is really pushing themselves! Here’s a breakdown of the changes that will have an effect on Shadow Priests from this latest build: Two talents have been changed. Divine Insight now refreshes the duration of Shadow Word: Pain on ticks of Mind Flay, exactly how the current Cataclysm talent Pain […]

The Problems with Shadowy Apparitions and How to Fix Them

Update 2012/05/01: In Build 15657 released today, Shadowy Apparitions have changed to being spawned at a 12% proc rate from Shadow Word: Pain with a cap of 15 out at a time. It doesn’t appear there are any despawn timers but that has not been verified yet. Also it appears that Shadowy Apparitions can fly […]