Analysis of Talent Choices, DPS, and Stat Weights (5.2 – Updated March 31, 2013) – T15 Heroic+LMG Edition

The From Darkness, Comes Light ICD was removed some time this weekend. This is not reflected in the post, however, the only affected results will be FDCL being the choice on Heavy Movement fights. Updated March 31, 2013 — I’m working on re-doing the FDCL parts of this because they are having VERY strong showings […]

Shadow 5.2 Best in Slot List (No LMG) – Updated March 25, 2013

Below is the latest listing of the best raid gear available for patch 5.2.0. This list assumes you [b]DO NOT HAVE[/b] the Legendary Meta Gem (LMG), [b][url=][color=#FF8000]Sinister Primal Diamond[/color][/url][/b]. Items in the following lists are ranked according to the normalized values of their stats. Stats are represented via PP (Pseudo Points) — how valuable a […]

Shadow 5.2 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

[size=20][b]For the 5.1 Changelog please click here[/b][/size] 2013/03/25 Corrected Intellect values on some weapons. Marked new Daggers and Maces as such (for racial bonuses). 2013/03/24 Added item IDs for nearly all items in 5.2. Updated drop locations for some items that were previously unknown. Added items that are found in T14/T15 Failbags and BMAH. Updated […]