Shadow 5.1 Best in Slot List – Updated January 27, 2013

Below is the latest listing of the best raid gear available for patch 5.1.0. Items in the following lists are ranked according to the normalized values of their stats. Stats are represented via PP (Pseudo Points) — how valuable a given stat is — normalized to where Intellect = 1PP. The values of hit and […]

Shadow 5.1 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

2013/01/27 Fixed upgrade value (and base value) of Added upgrades for Operation: Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive items. 2013/01/17 Added / and removed (replaced back with ) on Sha weapons. 2012/12/17 Added (all variants) to the list. (Spinalcrack @ HowToPriest) 2012/12/10 Corrected the value of Zen Alchemist Stone. 2012/12/09 Added Valor/Conquest/Justice/Honor point upgrades. HowToPriest user Ebmor […]