Shadow 5.1 Best in Slot List – Updated January 27, 2013

[size=20][b]For the 5.2 Best In Slot List please click here[/b][/size] Below is the latest listing of the best raid gear available for patch 5.1.0. Items in the following lists are ranked according to the normalized values of their stats. Stats are represented via PP (Pseudo Points) — how valuable a given stat is — normalized […]

Shadow 5.1 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

[size=20][b]For the 5.2 Changelog please click here[/b][/size] 2013/01/27 Fixed upgrade value (and base value) of [b][url=]Thousand-Year Pickled Egg[/url][/b] Added upgrades for Operation: Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive items. 2013/01/17 Added [b][url=][color=#FF8000]Eye of the Black Prince[/color][/url][/b] / [b][url=][color=#FF0000]Brilliant Primordial Ruby[/color][/url][/b] and removed [b][url=][color=#FF8000]Refined Crystallized Horror[/color][/url][/b] (replaced back with [b][url=][color=#FF8000]Crystallized Horror[/color][/url][/b]) on Sha weapons. 2012/12/17 Added [url=]Robes of […]