The Problems with Shadowy Apparitions and How to Fix Them

Update 2012/05/01: In Build 15657 released today, Shadowy Apparitions have changed to being spawned at a 12% proc rate from Shadow Word: Pain with a cap of 15 out at a time. It doesn’t appear there are any despawn timers but that has not been verified yet. Also it appears that Shadowy Apparitions can fly […]

Quick Thoughts – MoP Patch 15640 Changes

UPDATE: Fixed an error about Mindbender and Shadowfiends inline. Quite a large update was released today for the Mists of Pandaria Beta, including a lot of interesting changes for Shadow Priests. Here are some highlights (and initial impressions): Void Shift isn’t a talent, so all Priests will now have it. I expect this to act […]

Mana Problems in Mists of Pandaria Beta

NOTE: Since my original posting, Blizzard has changed Vampiric Touch to restore 3% mana every time it does damage (18% mana returned per cast, assuming no clipping on refresh). This should largely fix our mana problems, especially in multi-DoT situations. The points raised in this post are still valid but should be seen from the […]