Shadow 5.2 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

2013/03/25 Corrected Intellect values on some weapons. Marked new Daggers and Maces as such (for racial bonuses). 2013/03/24 Added item IDs for nearly all items in 5.2. Updated drop locations for some items that were previously unknown. Added items that are found in T14/T15 Failbags and BMAH. Updated the PP values for the Best in […]

Analysis of Talent Choices, DPS, and Stat Weights (5.2 PTR Build 16650) – T15 Heroic Edition

Important: there has been an important bugfix in SimulationCraft relating to the maximum number of Shadowy Apparitions allowed out at any given time. Sims are being rerun and this post will be updated when more correct data is available on Sunday 3/3. Update 3/4: Blizzard has made more changes on the eve of 5.2’s release, […]

Weak Auras for Shadow Part 1 – Replicating (and Improving) Blizzard Auras

Starting in Cataclysm, Blizzard began introducing auras to show when certain procs or abilities are available for your character to use. These are just one addition in a line of default/standard UI enhancements Blizzard has made but suffer from the same problem the rest of the default UI does: you cannot move or change where […]

Quick Thoughts – 5.2 PTR Build 16446

Blizzard released their second build of 5.2 to the PTR tonight. No ability changes for Shadow have been released; however, T15 set bonuses have been revealed! They are: Priest T15 Shadow 2P Bonus – When your Shadowy Apparitions damage their target, they have a 65% chance to extend the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain […]

Shadow 5.1 Best in Slot List – Updated January 27, 2013

Below is the latest listing of the best raid gear available for patch 5.1.0. Items in the following lists are ranked according to the normalized values of their stats. Stats are represented via PP (Pseudo Points) — how valuable a given stat is — normalized to where Intellect = 1PP. The values of hit and […]

Shadow 5.1 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

2013/01/27 Fixed upgrade value (and base value) of Added upgrades for Operation: Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive items. 2013/01/17 Added / and removed (replaced back with ) on Sha weapons. 2012/12/17 Added (all variants) to the list. (Spinalcrack @ HowToPriest) 2012/12/10 Corrected the value of Zen Alchemist Stone. 2012/12/09 Added Valor/Conquest/Justice/Honor point upgrades. HowToPriest user Ebmor […]

Shadow 5.0 / Mogu’shan Vaults and Heart of Fear Best in Slot List – Updated November 6, 2012

With the release of Heart of Fear tomorrow, the second of three raids will be available for T14 content, more gear will be available for the shadowy masses to use.. Because of this, the main Best in Slot list (or the pre-raid list I’ve posted on HowToPriest) is not a very handy guide in the […]

Shadow 5.0 / Mogu’shan Vaults Best in Slot List – Updated September 13, 2012

With the release of Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard is staggering the unlocking of different raids. Normal mode Mogu’shan Vaults will open on October 2nd (with LFR and Heroic unlocking on October 9th), while there will be no access to the Normal modes of Terrace of Endless Spring and Heart of Fear until October 30th (with […]