Even More Updates On Talent Choices, DPS, and Stat Weights (MoP Beta Build 15952)

Usual disclaimer: the following information is as of the Mist of Pandaria Beta build 15952, released on August 07, 2012, and may not be accurate once future patches are released.

For a primer on this post, please see the original post from early last week. To see the previous set of changes, please see the update post from late last week.

Here are some updated graphs from the latest patch:

DPS Relative to Encounter Type and Talents

During this latest build release a number of abilities took a straight 8% nerf to the face (Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch) while a few of our talents got buffs (Shadow Word: Insanity by +25% and From Darkness, Comes Light increasing bonus damage to 50% from 20%).

The overall result of this is that DPS numbers across most encounter types have largely leveled out. Additionally, the buffs to From Darkness, Comes Light mean that it is now the best choice from the Level 45 talent choices. The only exception to this is for Heavy Movement fights where Mindbender still wins out. Shadow Word: Insanity is still last but has closed the gap in little to no movement/raid event fight types, with Helterskelter and Heavy Movement still being horrible fights to use this talent.

The DPS changes by talent and encounter combination are as follows (raw DPS and percentage of the previous DPS total):

DPS Increase Relative to Encounter Type and Talents
%DPS Increase Relative to Encounter Type and Talents

Lower DPS across the board, less DPS loss (or slight gains) on the combinations which had From Darkness, Comes Light and Shadow Word: Insanity because of its buffs. Also, these DPS losses aren’t as extreme as they might have been because of some internal changes to SimulatioNCraft and how it handles trinket proc rates (they’ve gone up, meaning more DPS).

Pseudo Point Value of Shadow StatsPseudo Point Value of Shadow Stats Table

Haste is now the worst stat for Shadow. This is attributed to the nerfs to all 4 of our DoTs (Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch, and Mind Flay) getting an 8% damage nerf which outweighs the other cooldown limited ability nerfs (of also 8%), in conjunction with the buffs to From Darkness, Comes Light and Shadow Word: Insanity.

In short, our talent choices have a bit more of an effect on our over all DPS.

The second item of note is while the values of Crit, Mastery, and Haste have all dropped, Hit/Spirit and Spell Power have had their values increased. Once again, this is because the use of the increased importance of Level 45 talents in our overall DPS profile.

Notes and Resources

Raw SimulationCraft Data
Heavy Movement
Light Movement

The SimulationCraft profiles changed slightly from the last post to this one.

These sims were for fights that are single-target. Multi target fights may (will) have different results.

These sims are as of Mists of Pandaria Beta build 15952, released on August 07, 2012. Once a new build comes out, these values will no longer be 100% valid!


13 Responses to Even More Updates On Talent Choices, DPS, and Stat Weights (MoP Beta Build 15952)

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  2. It’s starting to look like that, Renée. There were some comments in a thread over on MMO-Champion where it was pointed out that while breakpoints will exist, they won’t be very important. This is especially true with SWI because as you start decreasing the time between ticks, the ‘window’ for casting SWI drops.

    This is both good and bad, because if you get down to a ~2.57sec tick, that means that SWP will normally last for 15sec and you should (in theory) be able to cast SWI at the 5sec mark. While this is 1 second sooner than you normally would, the lag time between the initial cast of SWP and when you could cast SWI is ~10.25sec instead of 12sec, so you gain some extra casts there. Once you go faster than ~2.57sec per tick, though, you get another tick added and are back up to 18sec duration and SWI being cast with 6sec left.

  3. Can´t help thinking about haste proc trinkets vs, master and crit ones.
    I use my dots, in the end of a uptime for a mastery or crit trinket, it would effect still last, to the dot goes away? or is that only haste?

    would guess it would be the same for all 3 types of rating though (dunno ;x)

  4. It could be early to tell, but I’m thinking Blizzard is leaning towards making spriests a hybrid between a DoT class and nuke class.

    The talent choices seem to point in that direction, your DoTs are doing damage, but you also need to nuke with Mind Blast, 3 orb DP, and Mind Spike if you picked up FDCL.

    The stats that are scaled here clearly indicate that priests should in theory have more burst, which they do in pvp as I heard, but in pve we seem to be lacking. Any light that can be shed on this outside the arguement that we need another dps CD.


  5. Haste breakpoints are still very important. The Tier14H profile is only a bit above a very useful breakpoint. The Priest profiles gain well over 1000 dps by going over it.

    And even after it, I gemmed an 80int/160haste gem in the helm as it was simming (slightly) better than a straight up 160int even though it was technically over the breakpoint (I imagine things just line up better with some random elements like time between casts etc. for a bit after the breakpoint).

  6. Althor, what breakpoints do you suppose will be the most important to go for?

    I’m guessing that the haste breakpoint you’re referencing is the SWP-2 one.

  7. I haven’t actually checked as to what the various breakpoints are at present other than one was at 8064 iirc. (maybe 8063).

    I guess I need to update my own list to keep track. But either way it was a very significant breakpoint, but really only attainable I imagine at the Tier14 Heroic level.

  8. Quite possibly! I don’t use an automatic reforger when making the profiles so there’s maybe a better way to reach that SW:P breakpoint without using that extra Reckless gem.

    • I’ve spent all afternoon playing with different gear combinations, everything from high mastery or crit (and really low haste) to getting barely over the SW:P second breakpoint (8085 haste).

      What I’ve found is that you have a significant bump in DPS at the SW:P-2 breakpoint, but after that it doesn’t really matter what you have…the breakpoint is what counts.

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