Quick Thoughts – MoP Build 16004 Changes

Three patches in 4 days! I’m OK with this! Here’s what’s changed in the world of Shadow this time:

  • Devouring Plague has its damage increased by 10%. To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to having its damage reduced by 7.5% if the nerfs in Build 15972 never occurred.
  • Mind Flay had its damage increased by 8.2%. This is equivalent to having its damage reduced by 8% if the nerfs in Build 15972 never occurred.
  • Mind Blast had its damage increased by 10%. Keeping with the theme, this is the same as having its damage increased by 16.875% if the nerfs in Build 15972 never occurred.

These look like good buffs, and indeed they are a step in the right direction, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll find that Shadow is still worse off now than we were on Monday EDIT: we’re better off now overall from a DPS PoV than on Monday, even if Mind Blast has gotten a significant buff.

I’ll spare the rough napkin math for now and do a full suite a simulations as soon as possible (hopefully tonight if SimulationCraft data gets updated!).


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  1. we are still soooo behind in dps based on simcraft, but i hope its getting better and better with every build. my guild wants me to switch to mage if they wont fix shadow. i feel such a crap now 🙁

  2. thanks for the site btw, its awesome. dont remember how i found it, somehow through google,but now this is on my rss and reading the stuffs you write every day.

  3. I find it weird that they keep nerfing and buffind skills so much, i know that simulationcraft.org page to say “this is final” to look on, but i cant understand taht there is closer to 35k dps in range of dps (what over 30%?) in the range of dps, and that have really not gotten much closer at all over the builds, and yet, several clases have been in top, and in the buttom over the builds, what are the aim blizzard want us to do in BiS gear, 100k-130k ? ;X

  4. Rheya and Sykeus, you’re both quite welcome. I’m glad that my findings and insights are of value to you (and other members of the community).

    The end of betas (and PTRs) for WoW are always when the developers make tuning changes to try and balance classes. Usually they get it pretty close, but not always. 3 builds released in 4 weekdays shows that they’re making a concerted effort in trying to finalize classes before 5.0 is released on August 28th/29th — time is running out! The best thing you can do is voice your concerns in a constructive way (and I can’t emphasize constructive enough) on the official Blizzard/WoW forums. They do their own internal testing before patches get released but that doesn’t mean that they cover all edge/use cases…things get missed or overlooked.

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