Multi-Target Boss Fight DPS in Mists of Pandaria – Part 2 (2 DoT Encounters – T14N)

For a primer on this post, please see the original post from July 30, 2012.

For the post dealing with 2 DoT encounters in Best in Slot gear, as well as a description of what constitutes a 2-target fight, please see: Multi-Target Boss Fight DPS in Mists of Pandaria – Part 1 (2 DoT Encounters – T14H)

In my first post in this series we examined how different talent combinations fared against one another in fights where you had 2 targets to DPS (DoT) against for the entire fight. In that post we assumed that our character had Best in Slot gear, which is nice way to compare not going to be the case for anyone until early in 2013.

Here are the results from SimulationCraft using the same profile that was used in previous T14N sims, I.E.: below the 8085 haste breakpoint:

DPS Relative to Encounter Type and Talents (2 DoT)

There is not a lot of difference between the T14N and T14H 2-target sims in terms of which talents are superior. From Darkness, Comes Light is the best choice for Level 45 talents (again), and is part of the top 3 DPS results for every profile except for on Heavy Movement encounters where Mindbender squeaks in ahead. Divine Insight is, as with the T14H t-target tests, the best talent out of the Level 75 talents (or a close second in the case of Patchwerk fights).

There is a much larger difference between the highest and lowest DPS in the T14N sims than there were in the T14H sims, rising to between 7.13% (Patchwerk) and 8.23% (Helter Skelter). With Heavy Movement the difference between highest and lowest is a 20.10% swing; if we remove Shadow Word: Insanity from Heavy Movement, though, the difference becomes a slightly more manageable 7.84%.

Average DPS gains for going between 1 target and 2 targets in T14N gear is between 13.6k (Ultraxion) and 15.3k (Helter Skelter), with Heavy Movement being a 24.1k DPS increase. These are in line with the results from the T14H tests done earlier.

What about those stat weights?

Pseudo Point Value of Shadow Stats (2 DoT)Pseudo Point Value of Shadow Stats Table (2 DoT)

A few interesting notes about these stat weights compared to the T14N single target weights:

  • Haste’s PP values is only slightly higher in the ‘Best Per Fight’ and ‘Best Two Per Fight’ categorizations, while it has dropped by 0.15PP in the ‘All’ grouping.
  • Hit/Spirit’s value jumps across the board by ~0.03 – 0.04 PP — missing spell casts is bad, mmmmkay.
  • Mastery’s value drops more, highlighting how underpowered our Mastery: Shadowy Recall is in reality.
  • Crit’s value rises. Barely.

Overall, there is no change to stat priorities between 1 and 2 target encounters below 8085 Haste:

Int > Spell Power > Haste > Hit = Spirit > Crit > Mastery

Now lets look at the average PP when we incorporate the two sets of tests together, pulling the top 1, 2, and all values from each test grouping (10 groups, 90 tests in all):

Pseudo Point Value of Shadow Stats (1 and 2 DoT)Pseudo Point Value of Shadow Stats Table (1 and 2 DoT)

As expected, there isn’t a lot of change in priorities or PP values (except for ‘all’ where the single target sims cause Haste to jump above Spell Power).

Int > Spell Power > Haste > Hit = Spirit > Crit > Mastery

Notes and Resources

Raw SimulationCraft Data
Heavy Movement
Light Movement

These sims were for fights that have 2 targets for the duration of the encounter. Encounters with more than 2 targets or those with adds that come and go may (will) have different results.

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