Shadow 5.0 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

[size=20][b]For the 5.1 Changelog please click here[/b][/size] 2012/11/06 Updated Mindshard Drape (H) intellect value. (inad316 @ HowToPriest) 2012/11/04 HowToPriest user Ebmor sent me a very detailed and comprehensive list of mistakes ranging from drop locations to item levels (and stats) needing updating. Light of the Cosmos (all versions) updated. (aica @ HowToPriest) 2012/10/30 Corrected Intellect […]

Updates On Talent Choices, DPS, and Stat Weights (MoP Beta Build 15929)

Usual disclaimer: the following information is as of the Mist of Pandaria Beta build 15929, released on August 02, 2012, and may not be accurate once future patches are released. For a primer on this post, please see this post from earlier this week. Here are some updated graphs from the latest patch: As you […]