Shadow 5.0 Best In Slot List Changelog & Notes

For the 5.1 Changelog please click here


  • Updated Mindshard Drape (H) intellect value. (inad316 @ HowToPriest)


  • HowToPriest user Ebmor sent me a very detailed and comprehensive list of mistakes ranging from drop locations to item levels (and stats) needing updating.
  • Light of the Cosmos (all versions) updated. (aica @ HowToPriest)


  • Corrected Intellect value of Feng’s Ring of Dreams (thanks go to Gaddzom @ HowToPriest)
  • Mantle of the Golden Sun has Crit, not Mastery, on it (thanks go to Rubine @ HowToPriest)
  • The Mogu’shan Vaults + Heart of Fear BiS list I posted last night was incorrectly displaying Terrace of Endless Spring items and not displaying Heart of Fear items. This has been corrected. (thanks go to Zarqa @ HowToPriest)
  • Fixed a reforging bug involving Haste/Mastery gear reforging to Crit. (thanks go to Zarqa @ HowToPriest)


  • Many updates and corrections including trinket recomputations and changes to PvP Honor items.


  • Updated T14 Shadow set bonus values.


  • Updated PP values to use the ‘Best Two Per Fight’ from here; includes 1 and 2 target fight sims now, up from just single target fight sims.
  • Added Revitalizing Primal Diamond as a meta gem option.





  • Fixed a gemming bug with Cataclysm items.
  • Updated 34 items that did not previously have sockets.


  • Added 109 items.
  • Fixed a reforging bug.
  • Changed best gems.



  • Added 131 items (including a number that are assumed but not confirmed).



  • Updated Relic of Yu’lon proc value.
  • Added items dropped off of Chief Salyis.
  • Added PvP trinkets.
  • Updated proc values of PvE trinkets.


  • Updated all versions of Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption to have the correct secondary stats.
  • Woundsplicers Handwraps renamed to Etoshia’s Elegant Gloves.
  • Tagged Justice point items appropriately.
  • Updated names for T14 set pieces.
  • Added some raid trash drop info.
  • Corrected a reforging bug involving Haste.
  • Corrected formatting bug involving crafted PvP sets.


  • Updated to use the new stat weights from sims done on build 15952
  • Changed the yellow gem to Artful Vermilion Onyx from Reckless Vermilion Onyx because Mastery is now Shadow’s best stat, not Haste.
  • Haste is now reforged out of on many items. Feel free to double check the math and look for mistakes.



  • Initial release of the BiS list for 5.0 / Mists of Pandaria.
  • There are many items which are not finalized or are missing drop locations — updates to these will occur as the data is released.
  • Some trinkets are screwed up, I.E.: procs are the same value even if one is from LFR and another is from Heroic. Once these values get updated, I’ll update the list.

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